About the property:

How do I get to Back 40 basecamp?
We are located 23 kilometers north of Radium Hot Springs BC or 80 kilometers south of Golden BC on Highway 95. Detailed driving directions will be provided upon registration, including instructions for gate access.

Do I need a 4 x 4 to access Back 40’s basecamp?
No, but vehicles must have good ground clearance (at least 5 inches recommended.)

Parking at basecamp is adjacent to the campsite. There is no vehicle access allowed inside the camp or anywhere on our trails.

Is bedding provided?
No. We supply beds with mattresses with protective covers but ask that you bring your own bedding/sleeping bag and pillow.

Do you charge a cleaning fee?
Generally – no. We provide a broom and dustpan (kept in the kitchen shelter) and ask that you do your best to keep the tents reasonably clean. Excess cleaning with incur a cleaning fee of a minimum $50.

Damages to the tents or any other property will be billed directly to you.

Is there water?
Non-potable water is provided for washing etc. Drinking water is supplied for our retreat programs, but you must bring your own for the Hike ‘N Sleep program.

What about the “facilities”?
We two of the nicest outhouses on the mountain with a view of the Purcells.
We have a cold water shower (which is great in the summer heat!)

Do you have firepits and firewood?
Yes, we have two centrally-located firepits and we provide firewood.
In the event of a fire ban, firepits will be removed and fires of any kind are not allowed.

What about cooking facilities?
Our basecamp is supplied with 3x propane stoves and a portable barbeque. You must supply the propane (the small 1-pound bottles) or let us know in advance if you need to purchase some propane from us.
Our kitchen shelter has picnic tables, work surfaces, and a sink with non-potable water for washing up. We have additional picnic tables with stoves attached outside the shelter. You must bring all your camping/cooking gear with you.

Is smoking allowed?
NO OPEN FLAMES OR SMOKING OF ANYTHING INSIDE THE TENTS. Fires inside the tents are a serious hazard. Smoking inside the tents will incur a hefty fine for replacement or damages.

Wildfire is a real danger in this part of the world so butts must be extinguished completely and taken home with you. Don’t throw them in the firepit! If you smoke, bring a suitable container with you.

Are pets welcome?
We are a pet-friendly accommodation (and have two dogs of our own on the property) but your pet must be under control at all times due to the large amount of wildlife in the area, including bears. We also ask that you keep your pets off the beds.

Please don’t leave dog poo in the camping area – bag it and take it with you; or if you’re on a trail, grab a stick and flick!

If you are participating in one of our multi-day retreat programs we ask that you leave your pet at home so you can enjoy the program to the fullest.

What about bear (and wildlife) safety?
Our retreat programs include a wildlife safety overview and you will be briefed on methods to keep yourself and your companions safe while respecting the needs of our resident wildlife.
If you want to get a jump-start on learning about bear safety, check out BC Parks’ and WildSafe BC’s websites:

To practice bear/wildlife safety in camp we:

  • supply bear-proof storage lockers and/or a bear hang for food/cooking supplies/cosmetics
  • prohibit ANY food to be eaten or stored inside the tents
  • ask that you store garbage safely in the bear lockers and pack it out with you when you leave
  • ask that you do not burn any garbage in the firepits (bears can still smell it)

About the programs:

How fit do I have to be to participate in the retreat programs?
We are all about you gaining confidence, so there is no “hard and fast” here. We will structure the hikes and other activities to suit the group’s fitness and experience levels, but you should aim to be able to hike 5km with a 10-pound pack. We recommend you check with your doctor before participating in our programs.

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